Not Just Us

Writing the wrongs of our city

Not Just Us

Not Just Us aims to expose the wrongs in our society.

It’s a forum to shine a light on transgressions big and small, to put forth ideas for resolving failures, to advocate for a better way.

And though there is plenty here involving police and prosecutions, Not Just Us is not just about criminal justice.

I founded this site after spending 30 years as an investigative reporter, during which time I’ve seen more than my share of problems — from petty to profound — that never made it into print. For those dedicated to the craft of journalism, the inability to affect meaningful change can be a great frustration.

And so the campaign for a greater good now includes this voice.

At Not Just Us, we are committed to examining injustice in its many forms, the ways in which we cheat ourselves and others, along with suggestions on fostering equality and open mindedness in all of our dealings.

It centers on New York, a place that’s under siege from the influence of big corporations. Their growing power over the last two decades has marginalized those creative, industrious inhabitants whose dreams and drive made New York a grand metropolis.

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