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25 Mar

I whipped up this tool that allows you to find the thumbnail image affiliated with any YouTube video today and figured it might be useful for others.  It allows you to enter the URL of any YouTube video, […]

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21 Jul

I threw together this quick Google Gadget, because there was no existing gadget to embed a PDF that was saved in my Google Drive onto a Google Sites. I was working on a project for a client who […]

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26 Feb

Over the last few months I’ve worked on a variety of websites as a designer, developer, and project manager.  Here is a quick selection of the stuff what I’ve been up to… Way Art – Storyboard Artists […]

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26 Oct

In the Spring of 2012, I had the honor of being named one of five recipients of New York University’s Distinguished Administrator Award.  The award committee is extremely selective and it was an incredible honor to be […]

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27 Sep

Over the last few months I have been working on quite a few of different websites, some of which have recently launched.  Pay a visit to the links below to see what I’ve been up to and […]

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27 Jun

After leaving my job at NYU Steinhardt, I decided to put an ocean between myself and my old life with an extended trip to Morocco, Spain, and Portugal. I have wanted to visit these countries for a […]

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11 May

For those that need a reminder about just how freaking awesome their moms are, watch this mother stay cool and calm while the entire world falls apart around, just so that her son won’t freak out. [youtube][/youtube] […]

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11 Mar

Check out the brand new shiny website for Thousand Names Productions, a new website designed and developed by your humble host.  I designed this one for a super large screen sizes, since the primary audience is production […]

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04 Feb

I developed and gave this presentation on how to communicate with Alumni on the web during my time at New York University.  The presentation was given along with a person in the Alumni office and helped to […]

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