26 Oct

In the Spring of 2012, I had the honor of being named one of five recipients of New York University’s Distinguished Administrator Award.  The award committee is extremely selective and it was an incredible honor to be in a group of such incredible honorees who are devoted to NYU’s mission of educating future leaders, both locally and globally.

To be completely honest, I was just ego-searching when I found out NYU had published this picture, so I figured I should share it with everyone here, too.

And just because I can copy/paste with the best of them, here is the speech I gave on the night of the award ceremony.  There are so many more people I could thank for their help and support throughout my years at NYU… Hopefully, you all know who you are.

Thank you very much.  This is a tremendous honor and I’m truly grateful to be here tonight with my fellow distinguished administrators. I’ll be honest with you all, I have a lot of people to thank. You might think that because I work in the web, my job is mainly about computers and I probably spend a lot of time squirreled away in a dark room with some php code and Mountain Dew.

But, the web isn’t about computers. The web is about people. And my task and duty as the person responsible for web communications at Steinhardt, is to give the people who make up our community a platform to connect, collaborate, and create with each other.

So, any success that I’ve had as an administrator, is largely due to user base of over 6,300 content creators, who have taken the tools that I’ve deployed, and done something great with them.

So, as you can imagine. I have a lot of people to thank.

Fortunately, most of the 6,000 people are not in the room. So we’ll skip them, and focus on the people who are here who have made my daily work at Steinhardt a constant pleasure and opportunity for growth.

So, thank you, Arthur Ohm, our web programmer, who has some of the sharpest problem-solving skills I have ever encountered. You are the person that makes me go “whoa, cool” more often than anyone else I know.

Thank you Chris Nichols, our web designer, my creative colleague and collaborator for my entire adult life. He has been my partner in both vision and execution of the Steinhardt website and I really can’t imagine doing any of it without him.

And, most importantly, thank you to my boss Dean Lindsay Wright, whose commitment to a culture of collaboration and transparency, have provided a foundation for every accomplishment of the Steinhardt web team. Her willingness to take risks, trust in the community, and use technology to empower both academic and administrative users, has transformed how things happen in our school. She is an unparalleled leader, and it is truly and honor and a pleasure to work with her.

And, of course, thank you to Roger Ho, Thomas Modero, and Vice President Alfano. Its such an honor, so thank you.

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