22 Apr

A few quick thoughts on this:

  • This sort of thing will continue to happen and people will continue to freak out about it.  But no real harm will be done and better backup systems will be developed.
  • Folks are using this as an opportunity to talk about how this proves the “cloud is unreliable.”  But so are non-cloud applications are just as unreliable, especially when you’re talking complicated app-frameworks like those hosted on EC2.
  • While the disaster, when it happens, affects a TON of people immediately, so does the fix.  If a problem like this were identified in a non-cloud application it would take MONTHS for a solution to be completely deployed.  At least when Amazon gets their shit together, everyone will be back.
  • I can’t believe Reddit is still down but Foursquare is back.  All the people who already are out doing things can access their favorite website.  But those of us sitting at home alone on our laptops are locked out of ours.  Cruel joke?

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